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Ali Hale of Diet Blog wants to know, Could Writing a Blog Help You Lose Weight? Here’re five reasons why it could:
  1. Community support from other dieters: The "dieting blogosphere" contains some of the most supportive and friendly people you'll meet online.
  2. Making yourself accountable to others: Have you noticed how much harder you work at the gym if an instructor or personal trainer is watching?
  3. Seeing how far you've come: Once you've been blogging for a couple of months, look back at your earliest entries.
  4. Helping your readers to lose weight: The challenge that you've successfully managed to overcome is almost certainly something that others are still struggling with.
  5. Fame and fortune: If you write well and consistently, and have a great story to tell, you just might get lucky and join the elite group bloggers who've won book deals.
I’m not sure about the fame. You won’t find my butt on Oprah anytime soon, but blogging might help you drop the pounds. Check out Full of Veggies:

Keep it up Nicole!
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Lasse - Abdominal Fat Loss - January 23, 2013 6:21 AM

I have seen SO many examples that writing a blog helps not only yourself out losing weight, but also the fellow readers.
Can only confirm this as good adwise! :)

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