Restless Weight

Restless over your inability to lose weight? Laurie Barclay, MD and Désirée Lie, MD, MSEd report that getting sufficient sleep may help reduce weight gain. A study published in the Dec. 7 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine explains:

Short sleep duration in young, healthy men is associated with decreased leptin levels, increased ghrelin levels, and increased hunger and appetite. Additional studies should examine the possible role of chronic sleep curtailment as a previously unrecognized risk factor for obesity.

If the findings prove to be reproducible and generalizable, and the hormonal changes of leptin and ghrelin due to sleep curtailment cause changes in food intake over time, we might add sleep duration to the environmental factors that are prevalent in our society and that contribute to weight gain and obesity.

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Kate - December 15, 2005 10:38 PM

I have been following the "Eat to Live"
dietary menus for four days. How long does it usually take for this diet to be effective if you are already in relatively good shape?

Henry Abbott - December 16, 2005 2:22 PM

Hi Kate-

After reading Dr. Fuhrman's books and scanning the member center for solid information for you, what I've found is that there are lots of stories with lots of different timeframes.

As you know, Eat to Live stresses a six-week period of healthy eating to get things started. But, anecdotally, many people who eat this way have noticed good results (I assume you're talking about weight loss?) faster.

In my own case, after a week or two, I started to notice how much better I felt. It seems like a subtle thing. But I just felt more energetic and lucid. I first went to Dr. Fuhrman shortly after we had our first child, so I wasn't sleeping much. But instead of feeling run down all day, I felt perfectly good. I also found I was inclined to exercise more than I had previously, which in turn made me feel even better. Even if Eat to Live had no other benefits, I swear I would keep it up just for the way it makes me feel every day. The idea that I'm simultaneously reducing my likelihood of getting all sorts of diseases--that's just a marvelous bonus.

But of course, that's just me. Everyone has a different experience. I invite any and all of you to tell your stories, too.

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