Water Bottle Blues

Wow! You might want to think twice before you drink water out of a plastic bottle. Julie’s Health Club rounds up the BPA situation. Here’s a bit:
It's true that BPA is in all of us and that very low doses have been shown to affect animals. If it is shown to be hazardous to humans, we're out of luck; fixing our toothless chemical regulatory system will be a Herculean task. The U.S. produces more than 6 billion pounds of the chemical every year…

… About 80 percent of academically and government-funded research found that bisphenol A is harmful in laboratory animals. Most of the industry-funded studies found there was no harm.
For awhile I didn’t know much about BPA. Which is more than evident in this comment-discussion in this previous post, from Bottled--TAP—Water:
Teresa: Oops! The word is "don't reuse those bottles". Guess there's some danger of leaching of bad plastic from those if reused. As my son the chemist told me, "Get yourself one of those bottles especially made for holding water while hiking". It's also better for the environment."Water-mining" is lowering the water table in some areas changing natural water supply. Plastic bottles, even if recycled aren't exactly eco-friendly.

Me: Wow Teresa! I didn't know that...Hmm... What to do with all those bottles now...I know...I'll make a raft for my hamster...oh wait...I don't have a hamster.
I still don’t have a hamster, but, I ditched the plastic bottles.
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Marsha - December 12, 2007 7:12 AM

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