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Silicone in Again?

I’m not sure how to react to this report. Apparently silicone breast implants are making a comeback, despite the health risks. It seems appearance is the driving reason why. Ladies, please weigh in on this one. Carey Goldberg of The Boston Globe reports:
"American women now have a choice," said Dr. Foad Nahai , president-elect of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. "Right now, in our practice, it's about 50-50" between saline and silicone, the Atlanta surgeon said. "But when I talk to my European colleagues, it's 90 percent gels."

The FDA banned most silicone implants from the United States in 1992 amid concern that the majority of implants eventually rupture, and leaking silicone could pose serious health dangers ranging from cancer to auto-immune diseases. (The implants were not banned in Europe.) Many implants also caused pain and damage to the breast. Dow Corning, an implant manufacturer, faced so many lawsuits that it went bankrupt and in 1998 offered more than $3 billion to settle them.
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