More and More Dangerous Toys

Given the season, this is hardly encouraging. A report in The Wall Street Journal explains that A LOT of toys are getting low marks for mercury, lead, and other chemical contaminations. Reuters has more:

The study also showed that jewelry products were most likely to contain high lead levels, and it uncovered a variety of tainted items, including bedroom slippers, bath toys and card-game cases, according to the Journal.

Certain toys had more than five times the standard safety level, including a Hannah Montana card-game case, which had a lead level of 3,056 parts per million, the Journal said.

Millions of toys have been recalled this year, with most involving Chinese-made products.
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LLouise - December 6, 2007 4:50 PM

This is so depressing! What we do to our children, my goodness. It's so shaming...or rather why aren't those responsible shamed!

I hate to get caught up in hyperbole or media hyped issues, but I have to admit this type of news is disturbing.
Unfortunately, it's also another convenient reason We can be made to feel chilly toward China ... not that I'm a conspiracy theorist or anything crazy like that :^)

Jayson - December 6, 2007 8:55 PM

Since buying more produce locally it has lead me to buying other products locally, or as close to local as possible.

My next real goal is to look for replacements for high tech gadgets which are mostly created with raw materials from African or South Asian countries.

Amazing the "doors of perception" that open when you eat a plant based diet :D

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