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HPV Vaccine: Texans Face-Off

The buzz about mandatory HPV vaccinations has cooled down a bit, but in Texas the issue is hotter than ever. The governor wants mandatory vaccinations, but, Texas lawmakers don’t. I’m worried, after all its Texas, this could lead to a shootout. Liz Austin Peterson of the Associated Press reports:
Texas lawmakers rejected Gov. Rick Perry's anti-cancer vaccine order Wednesday, sending him a bill that blocks state officials from requiring the shots for at least four years.

Perry has said he is disappointed but has not indicated whether he will veto the bill. He has 10 days to sign or veto it, or the proposal will become law without his signature.

Lawmakers can override a veto with a two-thirds vote of both chambers. The legislation passed by well over that margin in both chambers.

Republican Rep. Dennis Bonnen, the bill's House sponsor, said he believes it is fair and reasonable.

"I think the governor should see this as the Legislature making a very clear and respectful statement, and I hope he'll accept our wishes," Bonnen said.
Forcing people to profit drug-makers—oops, I mean—get mandatory vaccinations feels like bad news to me. What do you think? Well, I can tell you one thing, Dr. Fuhrman doesn’t like it. He shared his thoughts in a previous post. From Dr. Fuhrman on HPV Vaccinations:
In this country we allow legislatures to mandate which medications we must give our children? People are not allowed to have an opinion about drugs and vaccines different from the majority opinion, in spite of the controversies and poorly studied short and long-term risks.

Remember this is not about arguing about the effectiveness or value of vaccines, just whether we should mandate medical care and take another freedom away from Americans. We no longer have the freedom to take or not take medications. Sounds like the Taliban to me.
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