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Halt, Dangerous Toys!

This is encouraging. It seems government has really stepped up efforts to keep toxic toys away from kids—halt them at the port. From the CBS Early Show:
The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) inspectors will be working side-by-side with Customs agents, looking for banned items.

"The CPSC can now actually stop, examine, and then either release or hold products," points out the agency's top spokesperson, Julie Vallese. "The CPSC is now out there flexing its muscle, doing what it can and trying to stop volatile products before they come into the marketplace."

In addition to toys, CBS Early Show consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen says, the new inspections will target cigarette lighters, fireworks, and electronics -- many of them coming from China.

Officials acknowledge inspections can only go so far, and what they're finding represents just the tip of the iceberg -- but add it's better than nothing.
Videos make things so much easier to understand. Be sure to check out the video that accompanied this report. Here it is:

I think is a good idea—I’m all for free enterprise—but so often goods manufacturers show us that they can’t be trusted. More posts about toxic toys:
I wonder if my Optimus Prime keychain is dangerous?
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