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Imagine toys with lead. I thought that this type of danger was a thing of the past, but, apparently its not. According to the Associated Press the EPA recently instructed manufacturers of children’s products to provide health and safety studies if any lead might be found in their products. John Heilprin explains:
The Environmental Protection Agency agreed in response to legal pressure to write up to 120 importing and manufacturing companies by the end of the month, instructing them to provide health and safety studies if any lead might be found in the products they make for children.

"Parents still need to be vigilant about the recalls on products marketed to children that might contain lead, and take those products away from children as soon as they are recalled," Jessica Frohman, co-chair of the Sierra Club's national toxics committee, said Sunday.

The EPA letters are part of a settlement it signed Friday with the Sierra Club and another advocacy group, Improving Kids' Environment. The agency also must tell the Consumer Product Safety Commission "that information EPA has reviewed raises questions about the adequacy of quality control measures by companies importing and/or distributing children's jewelry."
This is good. You can never be too worried about keeping dangerous chemicals away from you and your children. Dr. Fuhrman talks about this in Disease-Proof Your Child. Take a look:
We must be careful not to expose our children to chemical cleaners, insecticides, and weed killers on our lawns. Chemicals used in pressure-treated wood used to build lawn furniture, decks, fences, and swing sets have also been shown to place children at risk. When young children are around, we must be vigilant to maintain a chemical-free environment.
And here are a couple of posts on the subject:
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Kirsten - April 16, 2007 10:47 AM

People of the future will scratch their heads in wonderment at the variety of ways that humans of our time have found to poison ourselves ...

Lead in lunchboxes. Endocrine disruptors in the ubiquitous plastic toys and body products. Toxins to "clean" our homes.

Thank goodness for Eat to Live--I feel like it's a mantra I can use as a calm, proactive center as I try to protect myself and my family from all the diseases we are causing.

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