Gardasil Takes a Life

That’s Jessica Ericzon, an all-American 17-year old girl from LaFargeville, New York who dreamed of becoming a New York state trooper.  Tragically,  she died days after receiving a shot of Merck’s cervical-cancer vaccine Gardasil. Jessica’s mother Lisa Ericzon spoke with Susan Edelman of The New York Post:
Jessie got the first injection in July 2007.

After her second shot in September, she complained of a pain in the back of her head, fatigue and soreness in some joints, said her mom, Lisa.

On Feb. 20, while on winter break from school, she got her third and final dose of the vaccine.

The next night, "she told me the spot on the back of her head was bothering her again," her mom said.

The next morning, Feb. 22, Lisa, a hospital technician, left for work just after 5 a.m., leaving Jessie asleep.

Jessie never showed up for the class she was taking at Jefferson Community College.

When her mom got home at 3:20 p.m., she found Jessie sprawled on her back on the bathroom floor, with blood spots on her head where it had hit a flowerpot.

Jefferson County Medical Examiner Samuel Livingstone is stumped.

"She was essentially dead by the time she hit the floor. Whatever it was, it was instantaneous," Livingstone said.
Very sad, but not surprising because a couple weeks ago we found out that FDA and CDC have received 7,802 instances of people having an adverse reaction to Gardasil. Certainly more testing needs to be conducted, especially since this flimsy drug only protects against 4 of the 100 strains of HPV.
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HappyCat - July 30, 2008 9:21 PM

Who is the idiot who gave her a third shot after she had a reaction to the second one???

Vaccines save lives, but, there are precautions you should always follow. I reacted to a flu shot over 10 years ago and I've been told to never get one again. Since I'm not allergic to chicken or eggs they think it was the preservative, so now I have to avoid all vaccines that have the preservative, unless it's an emergency situation. Fortunately I haven't had an emergency.

ANMK - December 29, 2008 7:02 PM

Is really upsetting what you are saying. The comment before is quite right about the precautions. The vaccine is for 2 strains of VPH but combined they affect in the 70% of cases of cervical cancer. The important thing is to know about it the side effects included), and hope no to die trying.

tim - February 15, 2010 3:37 PM

hey happyrat, we took her to the doctor when she had the side affects and he said it was teen growing pains. maybe before you make comments like that you should think of how it may hurt the family

Jemoiselle - March 8, 2010 5:56 PM

I just want to offer my thoughts and prayers to her family. Vaccines are such a hard topic to deal with, even without the death of a loved one. I am so sorry you have to go through this.

I have held my son, who is now two years old, back from getting any vaccines due to reactions I have seen in family members, and the fact that death is a listed and accepted potential side effect, though extremely rare. It has been such a hard decision to make. I have been scolded by doctors, viciously even to the point that when I take him in for simple things like colds and flus they skip treating the cold or flu and immediately as a first course of action point the finger at me, saying it "could be viral meningitis" because you refused vaccinations, and they badger me do a spinal tap first before giving him cold medicine! I always refuse, which makes them even more angry. Ugh.

The medical world is so scary right now, money is the bottom line before confirmed safety and we just cannot trust them anymore to release pharmaceuticals only once they are deemed safe. Our medical professionals (with exceptions of course) are getting their drug education solely from the manufacturers and bought out universities
who are teaching incorrect brainwashed science that promotes pushing pills and lifelong drug dependency, pre-condition treatment pills etc, pills for the pills and so on. I wish there were more Docs like Dr. Fuhrman and T. Colin Campbell to come out and teach us the truth of how to not just take control of our health, but also how to protect ourselves from predatory and potentially dangerous healthcare practices that don't really have our health in mind, because let's face it, if we get better, we aren't taking their pills and aren't paying the bills for the multi-million dollar commercials that run every other minute.

OK, I digress. It just pains me so much to hear of things like this happening, because it could happen to any of us with any vaccination under the sun. My heart goes out to Jessica's family, may God bring you peace and healing in the hard road ahead.


Loretta - August 31, 2010 3:58 PM

My apologies for being insensitive, but this girl dying from a Gardasil vaccination is unlikely. She could have died from an aneurysm, which is statistically more probable than what the current numbers are showing for Gardasil related deaths. Fifteen reported from an administration of 26 million vaccinations? That number is minuscule. It is a fraction of one percent! I do not believe the public is looking at these reports logically...

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