FDA Rejects Petition to Further Limit Mercury

In short, Dr. Fuhrman considers mercury a bad mama-jama. Try searching the word mercury on DiseaseProof, check out how many posts come up urging avoidance of it—a lot! Whether it’s from contaminated seafood or used in drug-making, according to Dr. Fuhrman it’s all bad news. Here’s what he had to say in a previous post, Six Steps to Protect Your Family from Avian Flu:
The injection of even this small amount of mercury repeatedly year after year from multiple vaccines can cause neurotoxicity (brain damage). The American Academy of Pediatrics and the US Public Health Service have issued a joint statement calling for the removal of mercury from vaccines. Chronic low dose mercury exposures may cause subtle neurological abnormalities that rear their head later in life.
You’d think that if even trace amounts of mercury used in vaccine production are harmful, the government would stop at nothing to ensure drug manufacturers stop using mercury entirely. Not so. The Associated Press explains that the Food and Drug Administration recently shot down a petition seeking new restrictions on the use of mercury in vaccines and other medicines:
A group called the Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs petitioned the Food and Drug Administration in 2004 seeking the restrictions on thimerosal, citing concerns that the preservative is linked to autism. In a reply dated Sept. 26 but made public only Tuesday, the FDA rejected the petition.
Startling. The report does point out that since 2001 the restrictions against thimerosal have tightened for vaccines administered to children, and in some cases phased out completely, but thimerosal can still be found in flu shots.

For more take a look at all the DiseaseProof posts tackling the issue of mercury.
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