Christmas Lights...with Lead

No matter what holiday you celebrate. If you’re putting lights up around your house, you might want to read this report. Apparently some Christmas lights contain lead. More from CNN:
CNN's "American Morning" purchased samples of four common brands of Christmas lights and asked an independent New Jersey-based testing organization, Quantex Laboratories, to check for surface lead. Quantex analyzed three strings of lights from each brand.

The lab followed the Consumer Product Safety Commission's standard wipe test for lead in polyvinyl chloride products, including mini blinds and toys, to see how much lead in the cords' PVC coating would come off on someone's hands.

"You don't realize there's lead in it, you eat a cookie, you eat something without washing your hands, that exposure builds up in your body over time," said Dr. James Menoutis, who runs the lab at Quantex.

In the four brands of lights tested, Quantex found surface lead levels far exceeding the CPSC's recommended children's limit of 15 micrograms.

Wal-Mart brand lights had the highest levels of surface lead, with levels ranging from 86.6 to 132.7 micrograms. GE lights showed surface lead levels from 68 to 109.1 micrograms. Sylvania had surface lead levels from 59 to 70.3 micrograms. Levels of surface lead in the lights made by Philips ranged from a low of 3.2 -- well under the 15 microgram limit -- to 107.2 in another sample.
Quite the toxic world we live in—scary.
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LLouise - December 17, 2007 10:20 AM

I have been using the LED lights past years since they've been available. I wonder if they are coated with the lead.

It sounds like you have to actually touch the coatings, but I also wonder if there is anything airborne to worry about...We have enough of a toxic-cocktail environment as it is; if this stuff is floating around for me to breathe in, it just adds to the constant barrage of poisons I'm *forced* to inhale into my bod already :(

It seems there is always a safe, cleaner, better alternative but it always comes down to the dollar!

Kirsten - December 17, 2007 11:43 AM

... especially if you are going to get candles that aren't petroleum based! :)

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