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Canada Doesn't like BPA

Canada has declared Bisphenol A, a chemical is used to make polycarbonate bottles, as dangerous—is a ban next? TreeHugger is on it:
Martin Mittelstaedt of the Globe and Mail writes "Independent researchers in dozens of studies have linked trace BPA exposures in animal and test-tube experiments to conditions involving hormone imbalances, including breast and prostate cancer, early puberty and changes in brain structure, particularly for exposures during key points of fetal or early neonatal development.

Until now, regulators in other countries have accepted the industry's assertion that BPA is harmless at the tiny, parts-per-billion type exposures from canned food and plastic beverage containers. A part per billion is roughly equal to one blade of grass on a football field, although natural hormones such as estrogen are active at far lower concentrations, around a part per trillion."
BPA is quite the crown prince of bad news. Just get a load of all this:
Yeah, BPA—BAD!
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