Arsenic in the Water, Lead in the Vitamins, and More...

Not exactly the most pleasant batch of news, but important nonetheless. In Bangladesh, India 70 MILLION people are involuntarily exposed to ARSENIC when they consume local water and rice. ScienceDaily reports:

It is estimated that for every random sample of 100 people in the Bengal Delta, at least one person will be near death as a result of arsenic poisoning, while five in 100 will be experiencing other symptoms.

Now, researchers have created new low-cost technology to provide arsenic-free water to millions of people in South Asia currently exposed to high levels of the poison in groundwater.

Leading an international team, Queen’s researchers have developed a trial plant in Kasimpore, near Calcutta, which offers chemical-free groundwater treatment technology to rural communities for all their drinking and farming needs.

Now, problems like this are NOT limited to developing nations. For example, well water in northeast Oklahoma has tested positive for E. coli—it killed a man and sickened dozens—via The Washington Post.

But it gets worse. The FDA just determined that many popular brands of vitamins contain lead. That’s right, LEAD! The Daily Green lists them all, here’s one set. Take a look:

Greatest Exposure, Ages 0-6

  1. Nature's Plus Animal Parade Shake (Powder)
  2. Superior Multi Age (Powder)
  3. Nutraceutical Pedia Power (Tablet/Capsule)
  4. Physio Kids Multilogics Chewable (Tablet/Capsule)
  5. Ola Loa Kids (Powder)
  6. Nature's Plus Animal Parade (Tablet/Capsule)
  7. Vita-Big-Kids (Tablet/Capsule)
  8. Wonder Laboratories Formula Nineteen (Tablet/Capsule)
  9. Clinicians Choice Chewable Daily Multivitamins (Tablet/Capsule)
  10. Dynamic Health Multi for Children (Liquid)

Least Exposure, Ages 0-6

  1. Twinlab Infant Care (Liquid) *
  2. Natrol Liquid Kids Companion (Liquid)*
  3. NF Formulas Liquid Pediatric (Liquid)*
  4. Windmill Bite-A-Mins (Tablet/Capsule)
  5. Kids Liquid Dolphin Pals (Liquid)
  6. My First Flintstones (Tablet/Capsule)
  7. Natural Wealth Children's Chewable Multivitamins Plus Extra C (Tablet/Capsule)
  8. Uno Diario Ninos (Tablet/Capsule)
  9. Flintstones Plus Immunity Support (Tablet/Capsule)
  10. Natural Wealth Children's Chewable Multivitamins (Tablet/Capsule)

* denotes vitamins that contained no lead, in FDA testing.

Scary stuff! Eliminating toxins from our environment is an ever-important issue and obviously, one we—and the rest of the world—still have to work on.

For more, HealthandMen discusses dangerous chemicals and Mark’s Daily Apple offers 8 ways to Reduce Your Chemical load—both are worth a look.

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Scott - September 2, 2008 8:29 PM

I always knew that there just wasn't something right with Flintstones vitamins. I know they say there are always traces of arsenic in our drinking water but it makes more scary when you get one of the quality of health reports for your drinking water and you see all the other chemical traces in it. All of non-toxic levels...they say

Scott - September 4, 2008 3:29 PM

I think I read about that awhile back. It's still kind of scary no matter what the levels are in the drinking water. Just to know that you're ingesting that. I suppose it could be worse though.

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