Gail Turns a Healthy 50 -- No Funnel Cake for Her

Picture of Gail Hite at Florida Getaway with Palm trees behind her

When you think amusement park, you don't think healthy food. Most people chose to eat the customary foods offered: French fries, hot dogs, deep-fried funnel cakes, pizza and all types of ice cream. Fortunately, Gail chose otherwise.

Gail attended Dr. Fuhrman's Health Getaway in Florida this past summer and she's a changed woman. She has a whole new outlook about what she puts into her mouth, as does her daughter, who is not following Eat to Live.

Mom and daughter recently visited an amusement park and all the sights and smells, not even funnel cake, were not enough to disrupt their new healthy choices. "(My daughter) made a comment about the funnel cakes, and how we can't have them," Gail said, "I told her I now pass that up easily but still enjoy the wonderful smells. It is enough for me."

Gail's perception of food has changed. She avoids "bad stuff" and chooses more healthy foods, like pomegranates, and delights in preparing orange cashew dressing and black bean hummus. She's surprising herself at the supermarket saying, "I spend a lot of time checking out stuff I've never given a second glance." Gail states she is now addicted to mango cut up with fresh blueberries.

And Gail is starting to get noticed. At her 50th birthday party, everyone wanted to know what happened to her, so she spilled the beans. "I tried not to be preachy, but did talk about the basic change in my eating habits," says Gail, "I had 5 or 6 people go home and buy Eat to Live  and Eat for Health as a result." She happily states her friends don't think she's weird, just "enlightened."

Gail credits all she learned at Dr. Fuhrman's Health Getaway for her newfound health. Since then she's been losing weight and riding her mountain bike more powerfully than ever before. Best of all, she's been fitting into clothes she hasn't been able to get into in years.

Gail's son has been somewhat stubborn about getting on board with her, but she is optimistic. "He's 20 and believes himself invincible, even though his cholesterol is 275," admits Gail, "He will come around. I have him on Dr. Fuhrman's LDL Protect for cholesterol control." Odd are Mom will win him over too!

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Maggie Jones - October 23, 2009 8:12 PM

Way to go, Gail? Will I see you at the Getaway in San Diego?

pedoslopy - November 23, 2009 4:55 PM

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