Shaping Up School Food

School food is a hot topic. Everyone wants kids to eat healthier. Well, everyone except for the meat-pie pushing mamas that is. But for those rational minded folks, the Associated Press reports that congress wants better standards for school food. Randolph E. Schmid explains:
Concerned about the rise of obesity in young people, Congress asked the Institute of Medicine to develop a set of standards for foods that would be available in schools.

The Institute responded Wednesday with a two-tier system designed to encourage youngsters to eat more fruit, vegetables and whole grains and to avoid added sugars, salt and saturated fats.

"The alarming increase in childhood obesity rates has galvanized parents and schools across the nation to find ways to improve children's diets and health, and we hope our report will assist that effort," said Virginia A. Stallings, chair of the committee that prepared the report.
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Lorrie Morgan - April 25, 2007 7:33 PM

I am so angry at the state of nutrition being offered to our children. Over the years, I have seen the children being served the most disgusting food. I have had the opportunity to take a look at some of the ingredients lists on the boxes of the frozen foods "cooked" for the children. The list was a mile long with more chemicals than a toxic waste dump. This school district participates in the federal school lunch program. These people are poisoning our children. I remember an instance when a special needs girl had CocoaPuffs, chocolate milk and a brownie for lunch. I was astounded. The fruit offered to the children is old and completely unappetizing.

Every time my high school age son eats a school lunch, he gets diarrhea. I'm sure that part of his problem is that we eat only good food at home.

On the other hand, my younger son goes to school in a different district. He has healthy well planned meals for lunch every day. The cost no more than the crud offered at my other sons school. My son gets well thought out meals with an emphasis on vegetable and fruit. There is always a vegetarian hot entree at least once a week with a vegetarian alternative served everyday.

Clearly we need a full change of attitude. Fresh food should be served always. If one school district can do it, all should be able to.


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