Disease Proof

Take it Easy, Stress Will Make You Crazy!

Next time you’re freaked out, calm down. A new study in Neurology claims people who cope with stress are less likely to develop dementia. In outgoing, social people the findings were particularly high. A decreased risk was also observed in less social people that could still handle stress well. Researchers tracked 506 older people for 6 years, during this time 106 became demented. In the beginning, participants filled out questionnaires to determine their personality type and stress level; CNN reports.

I deal with stress by bashing my head against the wall. Kidding! Actually, for me Yoga is a huge stress alleviator. And a previous study reveals mediation and prayer techniques, like those found in Yoga, might change people’s gene activity and help them better react to stress. Shanti, shanti!

And other reports show being social improves memory and reducing stress helps you live longer.

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Pat Migliore - January 26, 2009 1:51 PM

Amazing how the mind reflects the body. Being a believer in "use it or lose it", I can only make the comparison that people who find a way around emotional adversity, keep their minds engaged by, essentially, working out problems.
Much the same as if someone finds a way around a physical injury or disability so that they can continue to exercise and give benefit to the body as a whole.

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