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Not-So Sleepy Americans

Last week research insisted that we are overworked and under-slept—I’m inclined to agree—but a new study contends Americans are actually getting plenty of sleep. Rick Weiss of The Washington Post is on it:
Americans are not as sleep-deprived as they think they are and, in fact, appear to be getting more Z's these days than they got a few years ago, according to an independent analysis of government statistics.

The new findings run counter to the widespread public perception that Americans are getting less and less sleep because of increasing workplace demands and the plethora of distractions available around the clock on the Internet and cable television.

"Many Americans work too much, but most do not seem to be cutting corners on their sleep to do so," said John P. Robinson, a sociologist at the University of Maryland, who led the analysis with faculty colleague Steven Martin.

Their report, "Not So Deprived: Sleep in America, 1965-2005," scheduled for release by the university today, finds that Americans on average got 59 hours of sleep per week in 2005, the latest year for which precise statistics are available. That is three hours more than in 2000.
Sometimes I’m like a chimpanzee—pictures help me comprehend better. So, get a load of this chart. Again, from The Washington Post:
Let the researchers argue all they want, just be sure to get your Z’s. Remember, sleep and rest are very important to your health. Dr. Fuhrman explains:
Recuperation through sleep is responsible for rebuilding and preparing the body to handle the increasing demands. Rest and sleep enable the body to recover from the effects of these waking stresses, because the body can concentrate its repair efforts most effectively at this time when fewer demands are placed upon it.
I could use this advice today, I’m fading fast, I'm still drained from creating this masterpiece, or should I say, monstrosity.
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