Hourglass Shape a Thing of the Past

Curves have long been associated with female beauty, such as Marilyn Monroe, but not anymore. In Current Anthropology, researchers reveal the pressure of demanding jobs and being more independent are causing women to produce more hormones which make them physically stronger and able to handle more stress. It’s also causing them to gain more weight around their middle than their hips. As a result, many modern day sex symbols, like Keira Knightley, have angular or “straight up and down” figures; The Daily Mail reports.

The findings are a little confusing. What do beautiful actresses have to be stressed about? Which Chihuahua best matches their handbag!

Via That’s Fit.

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Matt Stone - January 14, 2009 12:02 PM

The change in figure as it pertains to those like Keira Knightley is due to hypothyroidism in the mother, which damages mitochondrial DNA and leads to altered physical formation. It's the same underlying cause of narrowed dentition and why hardly anyone has room for 32 teeth anymore.

Great details on this can be found in Mark Starr's Hypothyroidism Type II, 2007.

He also explains and documents in photographs from other revolutionary scholars of hypothyroidism, the development of "a protuberant abdomen," or "potbelly," as has been connected with cortisol.

A very strong argument can also be made that hypothyroidism precedes stress and infection, both of which lead to elevated cortisol and some of the changes that you speak of. Broda Barnes made all these claims and had great results with his patients throughout his career.

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