Caffeine Freaks: Get Tested

Following up on last week's news linking coffee consumption with risk of heart attacks Dr. Fuhrman provides some additional thoughts on the study printed in The Journal of the American Medical Association:

This article notes that some people are homozygous for a gene that controls caffeine elimination in the liver and others are heterozygous. So, similar to the genes for eye color, in this case a person who inherits only one dominant gene will detoxify caffeine slower--and therefore be more at risk for its heart attack promoting properties.

Of interest was the strong association with the non-fatal heart attacks occurring in younger people. Noting that some individuals who metabolize caffeine slower, and thus eliminate it slower, have double the heart attack risk compared to non-caffeine drinkers or those who metabolize caffeine quickly.

Bottom line, if you drink coffee, and are unwilling to cut back to one cup a day or less, at least get this test to see if you are a slow caffeine metabolizer.

Of course, I would prefer people not engage in addictive habits in general, because that inevitably leads to eating more food to treat their addictive withdrawal symptoms, and continues their addictive relationship with food and drink contributing to their ill health in general.

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Tracy Eaves - March 15, 2006 8:02 PM

Hello, I heard a radio broadcast about how good coffee is and how it was higer in antioxidents than blueberries and other fruits. Maybe the coffee bean it self is high in lignans, antioxidents etc, but of course we dont eat the coffee beans. After brewing the beans most of the antioxidents are lost or degraded etc. What do you think? Tracy

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