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Search Dr. Fuhrman's Podcasts with Podzinger

DiseaseProof is one of the blogs whose podcasting is now searchable by a new tool called Podzinger. It's essentially an automatic service that transcribes the things Dr. Fuhrman says in the podcast, and then makes them searchable online.

That means that even though the information is recorded like a radio show (in MP3 format) you can still use Podzinger's little search engine to type in what you're looking for and see if that term comes up in the podcast. You can then start listening at the point where your term is said. It's handy for some stuff, although it must be said there are still some kinks to work out from the automatic, computer-based transcriptions. Here's a sample transcription from Dr. Fuhrman's first podcast Getting Children to Eat Well:

in my house has no food wars if you if corn and broccoli and an eggplant dish of chopped -- vegetable soup pork Coroner come out of a dinner you know that that's fine

"Vegetable soup pork Coroner?" Doesn't sound so fine to me...

I could still see it being useful though. For instance, do you want to find all the places in a podcast that Dr. Fuhrman mentions ear infections? Or cancer? This tool can help. It will be even more useful as we add more and more episodes of podcasts.

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Elijah - April 18, 2007 11:44 AM

Is this going to be used with the teleconferences and radio broadcasts as well?

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