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Can Your Bones Last a Lifetime: Weighted Vests for Women

From the March 2005 edition of Dr. Fuhrman's Healthy Times:

For years, I have been advising thin women to wear and exercise with a weighted vest. Weighted vests can be worn for hours each day and are the most effective prescription a doctor can order to prevent and even treat osteoporosis. The problem in the past has been finding the best vests that are designed for women and have the weights in the right place to strengthen the back bone and keep the spine erect. It is important that the weights are positioned predominantly in the back pack area so that the weight is felt on the shoulders in order to stimulate bone development in the spine.

Frustrated with the commercially-available vests—bulky, stiff, unattractive, and cumbersome, with the weights around the waist instead of around the upper chest—Pamela Free (a member of DrFuhrman.com) designed a new vest that meets my specifications and offers the cushioning and comfort that women require. (These new vests are available from our online store.)

Women can start with just a little weight of 6-8 pounds and gradually increase the weight (up to ten percent of your body weight) to strengthen their bones, not only during exercise, but as they work, shop, bend, stand up, and move all day. Wearing a weighted vest has other benefits as well, such as burning more calories all day, increasing core strength, and stabilizing muscles, thus improving balance and decreasing the risk of falls.

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Kirsten - April 25, 2007 9:31 AM

This sounds like another great reason for mamas to "wear" their babies when they're younger. It's good for the babe's developing brain and good for mom's bones, too!

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