AOL on Building Strong Bones

Here are two great tips for building strong healthy bones. From AOL’s Your Health:

Best Foods for Calcium: You're not limited to milk for calcium, as there are plenty of foods that are calcium-fortified naturally. Two ounces of swiss cheese provides 530 mg of calcium, more than twice the amount in 6 ounces of milk. You'll get 240mg of calcium from two ounces of sardines, two stalks of cooked broccoli gives you 250mg, six ounces of cooked collard greens provide 225mg and three ounces of almonds contains 210mg. Other sources: fermented soy products like natto, dried raw figs, rhubarb, pinto beans, turnip greens, and kale.

Exercise, Best Bone Builder: Adults who exercise regularly are able to maintain a good balance between bone-building and bone-dissolving processes in the body. Exercise also limits bone loss during old age. And it's never too late to start -- President Ronald Reagan began weight training at age 82. Most experts recommend a combination of weight-bearing exercise (walking, jogging) and muscle-building exercise (weight training). Remember to work all the major muscles -- that means chest, shoulders, arms, legs and back.
Strong bones are important, but swiss cheese isn't—yuck!. Anyway, check out this DiseaseProof mini-series on bone health:
Speaking of non-dairy sources of calcium—take a look at seeds! From Eat For Health:
Over the last few years, the health benefits of seeds also have become more apparent. A tablespoon of ground flaxseed, hempseeds, chia seeds, or other seeds can supply those hard-to find omega-3 fats that protect against diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.1 Seeds are also rich in lignans, a type of fiber associated with a reduced risk of both breast cancer and prostate cancer. In addition, seeds are a good source of iron, zinc, calcium, protein, potassium, magnesium, Vitamin E, and folate. The plant goes to great effort in producing and protecting its seed, filling each genetic package with high concentrations of vitamins, minerals, proteins, essential oils, and enzymes.
I’m no bird, but I eat a lot of seeds—sesame, flax, and sunflower—daily.
1. Tuomilehto J, Jousilahti P, Rastenyte D, et al. Urinary sodium excretion and cardiovascular mortality in Finland: a prospective study. Lancet 2001;357:848-851.
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Llouise - April 21, 2008 5:50 PM

So where does Dr. F. put dancing for exercise? :D It's a fantastic mood booster!
Personally, I've been listening to more music lately (at my computer too)and it gets me up and moving! Even the cheesiest of music is fun ;)

I know Dr. F. has some exercises one can do seated, so how 'bout some chair groovin'? :D

Elijah - April 21, 2008 7:51 PM

Seasame seeds are also the highest calcium containing of all the seeds!

Monty - April 22, 2008 10:21 AM

A note to Llouise: If you are interested in dancing for exercise, you should look into square dance. After you get through mainstream, plus, advanced and challenge levels, you'll find that it involves a very high level of both exercise and mental concentration. For information about clubs and classes in your area, look into

jj - April 22, 2008 11:35 AM

Sardines! Fabulous, hadn't heard (or remembered that one before)... I'm not always the best about getting all I need in my diet, but long is the day I've been waiting to have a reason to tell my wife why I'm eating sardines :) The weight-training types of things surprised me too at first, but I've learned since then and adjusted my work-outs accordingly. Here is a nice little roundup of suchlike things, dietary and exercise and whatnot:

No broken hips for me!

Llouise - April 22, 2008 12:55 PM

Wow, really, Monty? I never thought of square dancing as rigorous. When I was in grammar school, we used to square dance on rainy days, and I loved it :D!
So it's a good cardio workout?! I'm intrigued. I'm actually interested in swing dancing :) I need a partner, though :(. I like the 1920's through '50s styles of dancing; not too fond of salsa or current trends. Of course, just dancing like a fool alone, is always fun ;^) Gets the heart rate up!

Sara - April 22, 2008 11:37 PM

As far as square dancing for cardio it depends who is calling and what the music is. Also who's dancing.

Llouise - April 23, 2008 1:39 PM

Hmm, I guess you have to be very good at it, I guess. Thanks, SARA ;)

Trixie - May 7, 2008 5:27 PM

I have always used yogurt as my source for calcium (I don't love milk) but, yogurt also has useful probiotics. There is a really comprehensive list of alternative sources of calcium on the Dietary Supplement Information Bureau's site:

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