Soda Expelled From Schools

The Associated Press is reporting US beverage distributors have agreed to stop nearly all soda sales to public schools in an attempt to help quell childhood obesity. Companies have agreed to only sell unsweetened juice, low-fat milks, and water to elementary and middle schools; diet soda will only be available in high schools. Samantha Gross reports:

The deal follows a wave of regulation by school districts and state legislatures to cut back on student consumption of soda amid reports of rising childhood obesity rates. Soda has been a particular target of those fighting obesity because of its caloric content and popularity among children.

"It's a bold and sweeping step that industry and childhood obesity advocates have decided to take together," said Jay Carson, a spokesman for former President Bill Clinton.

A man who answered the phone at Cadbury Schweppes' London headquarters said no one was available for comment. Calls seeking comment from the other distributors were not immediately returned early Wednesday.

Nearly 35 million students nationwide will be affected by the deal, The Alliance for a Healthier Generation said in a news release. The group, a collaboration between Clinton's foundation and the American Heart Association, helped broker the deal.

"This is really the beginning of a major effort to modify childhood obesity at the level of the school systems," said Robert H. Eckel, president of the American Heart Association.

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anet - May 7, 2006 10:39 AM

Recently a coworker was asking me about how my chocolate/sugar addiction started (a battle that I am now winning!) --I recalled that I never seemed to think much about chocolate until I moved to NC as a child. There, in their public schools we had an "ice cream break" every morning (ice cream sandwiches, NuttyBuddies, Fudgecicles, and for the first time I had CHOCOLATE milk at lunch (at that time the WV schools I had attended only served plain milk). I hadn't cared so much for milk but once they added chocolate..and daily ice cream!! This was like going to 5 birthday parties a week!! I was in Heaven...
So this was my introduction to junky sweets and foods (we never had soda, chips, cookies at our home-- my parents too old fashioned).
I never thought about those times as being "formative" but I guess they were the roots of my chocolate/sugar habit.

caitlin - May 7, 2006 7:32 PM

Some people eat cafeteria lunch every single day. It absolutely disguistes me. this one girl i sit at a table with gets a piece of pizza, 2 brownies and lemonade EVERYDAY! right now she's small but i know one day it will catch up to her and she will be very over weight. I havn't bought cafeteria food for about a year now. i would feel soo fat if i did.

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