Research: "Baby Fat" in Pre-Adolescents Leads to Grown Up Fat

"Oh it's just baby fat. You'll lose it when you grow up." Remember hearing that? HealthDay News reports a new study in the British Medical Journal says that's not necessarily true. Steven Reinberg reports:

"Contrary to our expectation, children who are overweight at 11, stay that way right through to 16, with no sign that they were growing out of their 'puppy fat,' " said lead researcher Jane Wardle, director of the Cancer Research UK, Health Behavior Unit in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at University College London.

In the study, researchers collected data on 5,863 children as they developed into young adults. The results clearly showed that weight problems are established before adolescence. The researchers found that children who were overweight when they were 11, continued being overweight through adolescence.

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Davide - May 7, 2006 9:26 PM

And they needed a study to realize this obvious well known fact?
There's no such a thing as puppy fat, it's a myth like "as long as you're young you can abuse your body as much as you want"

People believe that having round and full cheeks, toned and soft arms and legs means that you have fat in your body. But it's actually muscle
Emaciation is a lack of muscle not fat.

Skinny, gaunt children are just undermuscled and the full, toned children are just well muscled not carrying the so called "baby fat"

There is a misconception about muscle as if it was only the hypertrophied bump on a mr Olympia bicep

Most lean children that don't look thin but well toned when calipers measured result to have a body fat mass of 13-12% or even on the single digit, and yet they don't look skinny or emaciated

The baby fat myth coexists with the myth that children before their late teens can't be lean and develop extra lean mass so it's said to be useless for them to exercise. My brother is younger than ten and not particularly genetically gifted, he exercises regularly and is healthier and leaner than his mates but also has developed well visible abdominal, shoulder, back and arms muscles

There's no baby fat
Gaunt boys on their twenties are not children who lost their baby fat but children who wasted their lean body mass.
Overweight children are not children who carry baby fat but children who have already wasted or never developed their lean body mass while increasing their body fat as their lack of muscles make their BMR too low


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