Obesity: Heightens Breast Cancer Risk

As you know Dr. Fuhrman contends obesity heightens cancer risk and healthy body weight helps prevent cancer. This claim seems to be catching on. According to Michelle Fay Cortez of The Boston Globe a new study shows women can lower their risk of breast cancer by losing weight:
Researchers found that breast cancer may occur in about one in seven women because of the weight they gain as adults.

The risks rose to one in four among weight gainers who never used hormone replacement therapy, the study said.

``Weight is one of the few breast cancer risk factors that women can do something about," said lead author Heather Eliassen. ``Our study suggests it's never too late to lose weight to reduce breast cancer risk. The best advice would be to avoid gaining it in the first place."
The research revealed it doesn’t take a lot of weight gain to increase breast cancer risk:
The increased risk came even from adding as little as 5 pounds, the study found, and rose in proportion with the scale. The good news was that losing weight appeared to be protective.
Check out this previous report to see how obesity affects prostate cancer recurrence.
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Helena - July 18, 2006 3:14 PM

I thought the obesity->cancer connection was already well proven. It was actually one of the things that pushed me to lose weight. Before, I thought that it was just the lifestyle of obese people what made them more prone to all kinds of diseases (and I somehow thought I was immune to those diseases because I walked every day and did not eat meat). Once I realized that those fat cells themselves were dangerous and could cause cancer, I decided to lose weight. I had not yet heard of Dr. Fuhrman at that point, I think I learned this from a cancer prevention leaflet, but it may also have been Walter Willett.

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