Low-Calorie Veggies Outwit "Obesity Gene"

Eating low calorie foods may offset genes strongly associated with obesity. Printed in PLoS ONE, experts studied 2,275 children, finding kids who consumed an energy (or calorie) dense diet, such as fatty foods, had more fat mass after 3 years. Researchers then looked to see if children carrying the obesity gene had an increased risk of getting fat with a high energy diet. They did not. Meaning the effects of eating a low-energy diet, more fruits and vegetables, may not be impaired by genetics; EurekAlert reports.

Another report indicated kids with a certain gene variant are more likely to consume junk food, such as sweets, which can lead to weight gain. But I guess ditching the sweets and eating more fruit and veggies would squash this gene too. So can family lifestyle! If a family eats healthfully, it reduces the risk of obesity linked to family history.

Fruits and vegetables are excellent low-calorie foods, specifically green veggies. Foods like Romaine lettuce, broccoli, kale and Swiss chard are low-energy and highly nutritious!


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Derrick - March 8, 2009 2:17 AM

I love studies like this that show that the people who consume calorie dense diets tend to be fatter than the people who eat a nutrient dense, low-calorie diet. I mean what did they expect?

I don't think eating a nutrient dense, low calorie diet really outsmarts the "Obesity Gene" as much as it just prevents its expression.

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