Internet News: A Web of Fat

If you read yesterday's post about the steady stream of press coverage surrounding the obesity epidemic you'll see that so many of those stories focus on miracle cures and surgical shortcuts (instead of the old "eat right and exercise").

But not all obesity-related news fits that mold. Here's a couple:

News items like these show that there are signs of countering the obesity epidemic, just as long as the focus involves developing weight-loss systems through valid scientific research and not sweeping problems under the rug the with fads, drugs, and surgery. Dr. Fuhrman's approach in Eat to Live is exactly that—adopt a healthy diet for disease protection and sustained wellness. He explains:

Eat to Live gives you the information and the motivation you need to take advantage of this opportunity to improve your health and maximize your chances for disease-free life.

Science and the development of modern refrigeration and transportation methods have give us access to high-quality, nutrient-dense food. In today's modern society, we have available to us the largest variety of fresh and frozen natural foods in human history. Using the foods available to us today, we can devise diets and menus with better nutrient density and nutrient diversity than ever before possible.

You have a clear choice. You can live longer and healthier than ever before, or you can do what most populations do: eat to create disease and premature death.

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DJ - May 1, 2006 10:28 AM

Here in Paducah, KY, our schools have put physical exercise back in the curriculum. The result-less behavior problems and leaner kids.

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