Childhood Obesity vs. DVD Games

Obesity is certainly a growing problem—pun intended—childhood obesity in particular has lots of people worried. Well fear not, just sit your kids down in front of the television and pop in a DVD. Jim Ellis of the Associated Press reports on the new miracle cure for childhood obesity, Body Mechanics:
The game, called Body Mechanics, teaches youngsters how to avoid being overweight by joining forces with a team of superheroes who battle villains with names like Col Estorol and Betes II…

… Body Mechanics is the latest in a string of video gaming products that promote more exercise and better eating habits, although this one doesn't actually get kids up and active. It's more of a teaching tool packaged with an animated movie and sold as a two-disc set.
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dingosatemybaby - February 24, 2007 8:15 PM

So it teaches kids to be active and healthy by sitting idle and watching a cartoon?

Sounds like another product that makes all the noise of being "educational" when its really just part of the problem.


Tony Findlay - February 25, 2007 9:27 PM

Hi there All and especially Dingosatemybaby - well its a common held belief that reading is a fantastic way to educate children. In that same context we (educators) have no doubt over the power of the "box" (television) and both its pull with little viewers and ability to influence their perceptions.

When it comes to education - WHY not use that favoured medium to communicate with them on GOOD messaging and use both computers, TV's, DVD movies and Interactive Games to "flex their brain muscle". A lot of misinformation flows out of opinions because we all have them, but in a time of crisis - desperate measures may just pay off. Check out our website and view the TESTIMONIALS from both children and parents and see if this really is solution based or problem orientated !

PS as a health and fitness professional with over 20+ years of training clients AND as the Creator of the Body Mechanics - I feel proud of the work we have done and will continue to do in this rapidly growing (no pun intended) space.

Master Body Mechanic Tony Findlay

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