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This next report makes me feel better about our own country’s obesity crisis, well, sort of. According to the AFP Britain’s populous is getting so obese that existing crematories can’t accommodate the broader coffins—creepy. More from the report:
Standard coffins are typically between 22-26 inches (55-65 centimetres) wide, but many undertakers now use super-size 40 inch-wide casks to accommodate bigger bodies.

"As long as the nation keeps on piling on the pounds, pressure will continue to be placed on crematoria," said Hazel Harding of the Local Government Association (LGA), which has to deal with funding for the building work.

"This is just another demonstration of how the UK's obesity problem is putting a real strain on public services."
I guess sawing them in half isn’t a good solution, right?
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Meg - April 19, 2007 9:05 AM

When I think about people who eat SAD or in this case SBD I feel pity and wonder how to reach them. Mocking them because after they die they need bigger coffins doesn't strike me as the way to go about it. I have read Eat to Live and Disease proof your child many times and find them informative, accessible and well written. I hand them out left and right because since adopting this lifestyle I have never felt better. As a result more people are incorporating E2L into their lives. I know that you are young Gerry, and I have read your "its just a joke" explainations for similar statements in the past, but this isn't your livejournal page -- its a professional blog about nutrition and as such shouldn't it make an effort not to offend or alienate the very people who would benefit most from this site?

Kathy - April 19, 2007 9:39 AM

I have to agree with Meg this time. The article was ok but your last statement was a little cruel. I also recommend this site to a lot of people. You put a lot of good information out there. Most people I recommend this to have weight problems. They are looking for help not for crude comments.
Take it as constructive criticism.

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