Belly Fat Linked to Migraines

Overweight people between the ages of 20 and 55 may be more likely to get migraine headaches. To be presented at the upcoming American Academy of Neurology's 61st Annual Meeting in Seattle, new researcher involving 22,211 people who suffered from severe headaches or migraines showed those individuals with bigger waists, i.e. more belly fat, had more headaches. In overweight women the risk was 8% higher and 4% in men; ScienceDaily investigates.

And earlier study also linked fat to headaches, with obese men reporting 15% more headaches and 28% in women. I wonder why the risk always seems to be higher in women. Must be from dealing with all the fat men!

Actually, certain foods, unhealthy foods, like cheese, alcohol and sweets, can trigger migraines, so avoiding them is a pretty good idea.

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McBloggenstein - February 16, 2009 5:15 PM

"I wonder why the risk always seems to be higher in women. Must be from dealing with all the fat men!"


It sounds like the extra weight seems to not be more than a correlation, though. But, as you touched on, the certain foods that can trigger migraines, also happen to be some of many risk factors that lead to obesity. There's just a number that lead to both, and in today's world where behaviors are more extreme, obesity is the most obvious outcome of lots of risk factors.

What's so interesting, though, is that it's all linked!! A behavior improvement that relieves one problem will most likely relieve others as well.

Faith - May 17, 2010 9:50 AM

My first thought is there must be a relation between women's naturally higher estrogen levels, and the estrogenic property of fat. I also read the May 2010 post on salt and stroke, and there must be a connection to even moderate salt use in a person predisposed to migraine, whether from food or homonal triggers. Personally, I'm not overweight, but do get migraine from food/hormone fluctuations, so eliminating salt is worth a try. I have so few vices left...

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