Dyeing For Lymphoma

A study published in last week’s American Journal of Epidemiology reveals a link between hair dye and lymphoma risk. Reuters reports:
The researchers found an overall 19 percent increased risk of lymphoma among people who reported coloring their hair. The increased risk was 26 percent among those who used hair dye 12 or more times a year.

People who began coloring their hair before 1980 showed a 37 percent increased lymphoma risk, while those who had only dyed their hair before 1980, but not afterwards, showed a 62 percent increased risk.
Based on the findings, de Sanjose and her team calculate that roughly 10 percent of lymphomas in women could be due to the use of hair dye.
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AmyLu Riley - May 28, 2010 2:25 PM

Dr. Fuhrman,

Thank you for bringing this information about the link between hair coloring and lupus to the forefront through your book and this website. As soon as I read this information, I cancelled my next hair coloring appointment.

Are there any hair coloring products you are aware of that do not contribute to such exposure to toxic ingredients? For example, do henna hair colorings provide the same risk? Is it the ammonia in standard hair coloring that creates the risk of lupus, or is that information known?

I am trying to figure out if there are any "safe" natural hair colorings, or if hair coloring is a practice I should rule out completely.

Thanks for your great work in the area of improving health. I appreciate your books and website.

Rebecca - November 23, 2010 11:16 PM

I am a 43 yr old brunette who has been coloring her hair for approx 20 yrs now. Mostly light brown to med brown dyes, specifically Loreal & Garnier permanent products; 4-5 times per yr for the 1st 10 yrs, but now about every 6-8 weeks.

I was just diagnosed with B-cell Lymphoma.

I never knew this risk existed and had I known there was a specific link between the two, would have never started coloring my hair.

It's ironic when I'm facing 6 months of chemotherapy that I will possibly lose the hair that I was so vain to keep from going white/gray.

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