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Welcome Aboard the Six Week Holiday Challenge!

Wow ~ many have made the commitment to the six week holiday challenge and the momentum is picking up daily! It’s exciting to witness the enthusiasm that’s building. From the many comments that are pouring in on facebook and the member center, this challenge is giving the motivation, courage, and much needed excuse to stand up to the ongoing pressure from family, friends and colleagues to eat for disease during the holidays. 

If you are sitting on the fence of indecision, I encourage you to jump aboard the challenge today and feel your best by the New Year!  Dr. Fuhrman is offering a free sign-up to the member center for additional support during the six week holiday challenge. The offer is valid through December 4th. 

Here at the beginning, I want to share several inspirational interviews of those who’ve successfully earned their health back, including their success tips; and a few Disease Proof posts to motivate and guide you in your journey to health.  Click on the yellow font to read them. 


Scott overcame morbid obesity by losing 333 lbs and is curently a long distance cyclist.


Sue lost 100 lbs and is now a fit and active grandmother.


Elisa overcame the debilitating symptoms of lupus. 


Anthony dropped 143 lbs and is now an active sports enthusiast and father.


Gary finally overcame his struggles with weight since youth. 


Laurie overcame MS flare-ups and yo-yo dieting and weight fluctuations.


Theresa has lost 102 lbs and is still losing.


Mike overcame obesity and heart disease.


Barb overcame “normal and acceptable” middle aged diseases.



Reprogram the way you eat

Junk food – as addictive as smoking? 

Your hunger can keep you healthy  

Breaking up is hard to do  

Radical changes produce radical results

The powerful snare of compromise

The powerful freedom of abstinence

Food addiction is no joke

What kind of glasses do you wear?


Also, for those interested, there are two, really helpful-for-the-holidays teleconferences by Dr. Fuhrman in the member center library.  These can be heard by anyone who is signed up on the member center.  I download the teleconferences and listen to them while exercising.  They are excellent motivational tools!  The two titles are listed below:

  1. “Curtailing overeating; it is possible to overeat, even on healthy food.”
  2. “Reviewing the basic of metabolism, hunger and catabolism; understanding the critical relationship between hunger vs. food addiction.” 

I encourage everyone to listen to these life-changing teleconferences; knowledge is power!


All the best to everyone ~ I can’t wait to hear everyone’s success story in January!  


image credit: flickr - by Milica Sekulic 

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Mike Crosby - November 22, 2010 9:33 PM

I love Dr Fuhrman and I'm subscribed to his blog.

I would have gladly joined the 6 week challenge for free, but I don't see the reason for giving my credit card info. Experience in the past has taught me that giving my credit card number for something free has cost me money, time and inconvenience.

Why is giving you my credit card number a necessity?

Dani @ Body By Nature - November 22, 2010 11:01 PM

Day 4 is going amazing! I haven't had processed sugary junk foods (one of my commitments) in 5 days and I'm feeling great!

I told some friends about the challenge and 2 of them are on board!

Freedom - November 23, 2010 1:01 AM

I am so happy about this challenge....however.....I have to admit the days are rough, and most of the time I am dreaming of driving to my nearest fastfood place and getting something greasy, fried and a soda to top it off. I am a little depressed, because there is not a whole lot of joy in food for me since this six week plan started. I am not full on eating plants, seeds, nuts, beans and I am trying to limit the whole grains. It is no fun and I find myself wanting warm food (other than soup) that will actually make me feel full. I know I need to do this and that is why this is my third day and I am hanging in there, but life is not as much fun. I started thinking that it would be more enjoyable to be able to savor some of the food that I really like and maybe not live as long, but I have children, so I need to be healthy for as long as possible, but my joy has decreased immensely since I have started eating this way and for some reason that part of it just doesn't feel right.

Emily Boller - November 23, 2010 2:11 AM


The credit card requirement is a technology issue. Dr. Fuhrman's online store software requires the credit card information in order to process any order, including a free offer. Everyone who participates in the challenge WILL be notified in plenty of time to cancel the future, monthly billings if he/she decides to discontinue the ongoing support after the holidays.

Dr. Fuhrman is giving this as a free offer to anyone who wants the additional support of the member center over the holiday season. Technically, there was no other way to process the free offer in order to launch the challenge in time for the holidays.


Being your third day of detox, your feelings are totally typical and normal of anyone in the beginning days of going through toxic food addiction withdrawal. Be encouraged that it is relatively short lived and soon you will be feeling much better and the longings and cravings for your past way of eating will subside and eventually go away. Just like a person withdrawing from cigarettes feels worse during the withdrawal phase, a food addict will feel various negative emotions at times. One must cross the threshold . . . .but a lifetime of freedom from toxic food addiction is the reward! It's soooo worth hanging on thru this period of time! Read or re-read Dr. Fuhrman's chapters on true hunger vs toxic hunger in Eat for Health. That will put wind in your sails during this time of withdrawal.

Cheering for you!

teri - November 23, 2010 11:06 AM

Freedom: please don't give up! You are doing well... like Emily said, when we have immersed ourselves in the greasy unhealthy standard american diet, you will feel lethargic as your body gets rid of the poisons. In a while you will be amazed at the energy that you have and how wonderful all of the food tastes. There are so many wonderful foods to tray and experiment with, I can't even get in all that is recommended in one day!
For me, getting off of sugar (more addictive than heroine I have heard) and salt and cheese was worse than quitting smoking, but well worth it. I watched four family members die painful deaths and suffered unnecessarily for years due to years of eating the "american" way. Unfortunately, my oldest says proudly "I will eat what I want, the consequences be d****ed"- he is now nearing 400 pounds, can barely walk, has terrible back problems, has a terrible time finding clothes (what is after a size 6x?)and can barely breathe. I want to live- I want him to live! You can do it!!! Just by starting you are making a decision that will impact your entire life!!! Good luck!!! :0)

Sherry C - November 23, 2010 11:15 PM

One cup of coffee today without honey. I had moved to honey from splenda about 6 months ago. Now I am working on no honey. Also dropped the second cup. Felt good about that! Working on the coffee too, but that will take a little longer!

biggest challenge tonight was dinner. Due to a busy day with our kids and having to go to a viewing, we ended up at TGIFs for dinner. That menu was a challenge. I selected the salad with the most variety of vegs and a side of broccoli. Sooo, i felt good about not falling into the trap of the other selections.I did have a nibble of the nacho plate and a potato skin, but did not feel as though I "needed more", in fact we did not finish the appetizers and did not bring them home!

It is hard to follow good health guidelines when all around you is bad food and others eating it! However keep whatever goal you have in mind clearly, remind yourself of it when you feel down, (what you will be gaining as a result of improved health. )

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