Half-way there!

Dr. FuhrrmanThree weeks in and I'm thrilled, along with my teams at DiseaseProof.com and DrFuhrman.com, that almost 1500 people, most of whom were on the fence for years, have joined us in taking the Six Week Holiday Challenge. We're flabbergasted by the success of this outreach and the many hundreds of supportive e-mails and posts that we've received from those, who for their first time in their lives, are getting their health back over the holidays instead of watching it deteriorate further.  This challenge has even helped motivate thousands more, who were already eating healthfully, to do even better.  We’ve all come together in solidarity to eat healthfully throughout the holiday season. 

For those of you who are now half-way through the challenge, I’m so proud of you that you are sticking to the promise; staying away from fast food and junk food, and adding high nutrient foods and exercise instead. Can you imagine only three weeks left and then you can go back to eating junk again?! (just kidding!)  And that’s the exciting part also; with all the delicious, healthy recipes, many have found the holiday challenge much easier and more enjoyable than they could’ve ever imagined.  They now know that they can stay on the road to wellness long after the holidays are over.  I’m looking forward to hearing more of your succes stories after the New Year.


Congratulations to all of you! 


Being a shining example of excellent health is an exciting personal victory and one that also enables you to help others in need.  Keep up the great work.


Your health is your greatest wealth.

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Sharon Warden - December 10, 2010 9:14 PM

Well this has been wonderful in that I have "licked" my years-long problem of once or twice a week constipation. However, yet, I have not lost a pound, according to the scale; however I do feel thinner, got lots to lose in the abdomen. My clothes are fitting me easier now but no weight lost. But I will stick with it. I think it is an excellent program and makes much sense. I AM NOT HUNGRY on this diet and feel it will lower my cholesterol (even oatmeal alone! and blood pressure). I like the recipes and have made up a few of my own! Have cheated a few times, but not much (ate a kielbasa hotdog today, shame shame). I think it will take me a long time to lose as I am not able to exercise that much (legs hurt, broken ankle a year ago and I am 75 years old; I ache a lot of places and a lot of the time but I'll tell you what a pleasure it is to be able to go easily and use the bathroom!!! I believe with losing weight I will be able to exercise more. You know, we are lucky when we can swallow, breathe, walk and use the potty! That's what it comes down to when you get old. It's not for sissies!

Joanne S. - December 10, 2010 10:29 PM

I am so grateful you gave me a much needed "challenge" on the path to healthy eating and habits - a goal to get me motivated to make a real change this time - no more excuses. I have been a "silent" participant in this 6 week challenge as well as a member of drfuhrman.com - so I am sure your numbers are well over the 1500+ mark. After attending your one day getaway opportunity in San Diego in July, something just clicked. At home after foot surgery and limited physical activity since October, I have already lost about 15 pounds (from 155 to 140) but more importantly I am learning a better way to eat to live a better life - the nutritarian way. Thank you Dr. Fuhrman.

Emily Boller - December 11, 2010 7:22 AM

The following question was just asked under the Six Week Holiday Challenge post, and for the benefit of those interested I'll post it here also.

The question was: Is it too late to join in the Six Week Holiday Challenge?

My reply:

It's not too late to join in the Six Week Holiday Challenge, although the offer to join the member center for free during the six week challenge has now expired. However, one can still join the member center, and still participate in the challenge during this time. There is valuable information, encouragement and support from both the physicians via Ask the Doctor and other members who completely understand the power of food addiction and have gained victory over it; plus, the many great educational tutorials: teleconferences by Dr. Fuhrman, newsletters, articles; and member discounts on vitamins, etc.

The member center is a priceless investment into one's health. Like Dr. Fuhrman has mentioned, "Health is our greatest wealth."


lionel j. soracco jr. - December 11, 2010 7:45 AM

my wife and i have been on the diet for a month and are very enthusiastic about it, experiencing health benefits and weight loss. dr. fuhrman's advice---read all of "eat to live"---is important because once you understand the health implications of plant-based and animal-based diets you will go vegetarian or even vegan unless you are suicidal.

i also recommend reading "a china study" to deepen your understanding of and confidence in dr. fuhrman's program. this book gives the scientific underpinnings of it all.

Tim Alexander - December 11, 2010 8:53 AM

Congratulations everyone! My personal challenge began last year in January/February when I first committed to Dr. Furhman's program -- today I am 105 pounds lighter and a whole lot happy. I regret not knowing about this program sooner but as we know life is filled with regrets -- I suppose that all we really have is today lived well and good plans for tomorrow. Yesterday is over and so are my old ways of eating and abusing my health. Happy Holidays to all. Thank you Dr. Fuhrman.

Jill Robins - December 11, 2010 11:33 AM

I'm not in the challenge since I have pretty much been a nutritarian for years. I sometimes start adding the course sea salt in little by little, but your challenge encouraged me get rid of it. Thanks!

Mia Z - December 11, 2010 11:53 AM

Someone who was on the fence before describes me pretty accurately. I was totally into paleo/primal eating and just wasn't sure about cutting out all the proteins my fellow gym junkies worship... but then I started reading this blog regularly thanks to a friend and, well, it simply made so much sense and had the research and expertise to back it up.

And now I'm down 5 pounds in 4 weeks, getting really close to the ideal 130lbs for someone who's 5'7! It just wasn't possible for me to subsist on so few calories before without going crazy, but with nutrient:calorie, I'm eating much less but feeling good.

Can't say I haven't momentarily slipped up once or twice, but nothing crazy like I might have if I wasn't getting my regular dose of e-mails and facebook updates from the doc.


Gigi - December 11, 2010 11:24 PM

I thought I was a healthy eater before discovering ETL, but now I realize, the crackers, non-fat yogurt and other common "diet" foods weren't healthy at all. I eat only veggies, fruits, beans, seeds, the occassional nut based dressing and starchy veggie and not every day. I'm feeling so much energy, thank you so much, this has been a blessing. It has also been a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Esther - December 12, 2010 7:24 AM

I am loving how well I feel on this program, eating greens and lots of raw food as well. I need desperately to lose weight and I have been losing some just giving up junk and choosing squash or other starchy veggies over the huge amounts of bread I usually consume. Potato chips are my greatest challenge at food events and I hope my craving for them will be eventually overcome with healthier tastes. I have given in to sweets a couple of times and can't believe how sickeningly sweet they taste after being removed for awhile. Here's to a healthy Christmas and actually feeling well enough to enjoy it!

Bookworm bev - December 13, 2010 2:32 PM

I don't remember seeing the post about the 6 week holiday challenge, especially the waived membership fee. I'm a big reader, so I am surprised. In any event, all an offer like that come up any time soon?

Emily Boller - December 13, 2010 2:47 PM

Bookworm bev,

The post about Dr. Fuhrman's free offer went live on Nov. 19 on Disease Proof:


It also went out via facebook, and many eblasts announcing the free offer and sign up details and deadline. Are you on the eblast list for Disease Proof and DrFuhrman.com? I highly recommend getting on the lists so that you don't miss pertinent information that comes along.

There will not be another offer soon. It was a special gift that Dr. Fuhrman wanted to give those who were willing to make the commitment over the holidays this year (2010).

Charlene Rider - December 19, 2010 10:26 AM

I feel so much better now that I am eating as I should be. I haven't really lost much weight, couple of pounds but I feel thinner. I have more energy and feel more positive toward myself. I have been a member for 4 years and lost 20# initially. However, the pounds slipped back once I started adding crackers, cheese, occasional sweets, etc. I have been a vegetarian since I first joined, but now I am a nutritarian. Thank you Dr. Fuhrman.

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