Carol is down 77 lbs in less than four months!

before and after pics of an obese female 

Tell us about yourself and the events that led up to making the commitment to get your health back.

My name is Carol and I’m almost 59-years-old; mother to five, and grandmother to three.  I had been a yo-yo dieter for most of my adult life.  I would lose 30 lbs and then soon after gain more back.  Food was always a comfort and escape for me.  I didn’t need to be hungry to eat as long as the food was tasty.

Last summer I had reached a point where being on my feet for more than an hour meant lots of pain and discomfort for the rest of the day and into the next.  My skin felt bruised when touched.  I had to plan activities around how much walking was involved, and I was becoming more and more homebound.


How did you learn about nutritarian eating? 

Emily Boller lives in my hometown and I was inspired by her transformation; however, I thought nutritarian eating would be too hard for me.  In July, I read Eat to Live and believed it was the answer to my health problems.  I finally got desperate enough to attend a library talk that Emily facilitated, which motivated me to make the commitment to change.  Soon afterwards I joined the member center of and read Eat for Health.  That book set taught me more valuable information about reversing disease through excellent nutrition and being in control of my health destiny. 

The rest is history . . . .   on July 22, 2009 I weighed 345 lbs and my waist was 55”.  Now, less than four months later, November 15, 2009, I weigh 268 lbs with a 48”waist.  That’s a loss of 77 lbs so far!


How do you feel now?

First of all, the weight is coming off easily!  I feel better now than I have in years.  Being on my feet is no longer a problem, and it doesn’t hurt to be touched anymore.  I sleep better and have lots more energy.

Food always meant comfort to me.  Whether I was hungry or not, I’d eat a lot. Now I eat only when hungry, and I’ve discovered how enjoyable natural foods can taste.  I enjoy life again because food no longer controls me.    


Success tips you’d like to share with others in the journey to health?

  • I purchase bags of dried beans and make a large pot of bean or vegetable soup on the weekend to last the next week.
  • I buy lots of frozen vegetables and fruits to have on hand.
  • I make smoothies and great tasting salads. 
  • I don’t let eating away from home worry me like it used to when I was yo-yo dieting. I make wise choices; no longer feeling defeated like I did for years.


Is there a final thought that you would like to share with anyone who is discouraged or has given up hope?

 Just do it! 

Start however you can. It may sound overwhelming at the beginning, but in all reality, nutritarian eating is the easiest way to lose weight and feel great at the same time. It will change your life!


Congratulations Carol!  We are cheering for you as you continue on the journey of getting your health back! 

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carfree - November 27, 2009 1:49 PM

That's wonderful, Carol. Isn't it amazing how smart our bodies are when we give them what they really need?

I look forward to more progress reports. I love to hear of people's success with their weight loss. Because I've never been overweight, I need occasional reminders of how powerful nutritarian eating really is. Such a dramatic difference is proof to me that Dr. Fuhrman's diet style is also making dramatic unseen differences in my own health.


Eco Mama - November 27, 2009 2:21 PM

Go Carol!
Eco Mama

CJ - November 28, 2009 12:25 AM

Carol! Look at you, you must be so excited. The picture says it all and it looks like you are surely on the right road.

Welcome to the nutritarian lifestyle and I look forward to following your success.

MIke Rubino - November 29, 2009 1:22 PM

Good for you Carol, keep it up!

Lynne (Horsecrazy) - November 30, 2009 2:43 PM

Such an exciting report! Keep it up and you will continue to enjoy improved health and enjoy life more!

Susan - December 1, 2009 7:52 AM

Carol - your story is so inspiring! Continued success to you. Can't wait for your next update!

Vic McKenzie - December 30, 2009 10:31 PM

I am 63 years old man.
I tried very hard several times to become The Vegan: in my 30th, 40th, 50th .
I accumulated a lot of info on this subject, followed best advice to the letter: fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, etc., and was very determined, but every time I've got sick and disappointed and returned to meat eating.
Usually first 2 months or so I feel good on veg diet: lighter, happier, healthier. But on month 3 everything gradually going south. I feel weaker, my immunity goes down, I feel depressed, sick, activities of every day life become so difficult. Month 4 is really bad, I feel if I will continue, I will damage myself, and die very soon. I repeated this attempt several times with identical results. My personal vegan record is 6 month. Also I do not know personally any 100 percent vegan around here (Anaheim, Ca). It is very difficult to find one. One woman – Sam’s club employee told me she is vegan, but she looked like walking dead, really bad advertisement for vegans.
Some people tell they are vegetarians, and eat eggs, dairy products, fish, and some chicken.
What I do wrong? Are vegans are real or it is some self hypnosis into wishful thinking?
Thank you

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