You Name It, He Has Deep-Fried It

Does any remember baseball’s worst burger? You know the beef, bacon, cheese, and Krispy Kreme doughnut conglomerate clogging the arteries of minor league baseball fans in Illionois. Here I’ll refresh your memory:
This weekend I was watching a news report on "Baseball's Best Burger." Ever heard of it? It's the number one attraction of the Gateway Grizzlies, a minor league baseball team in Illinois. This burger is Dr. Fuhrman's worst nightmare.

First you grill up a thick juicy piece of cow, top with cheese and bacon, and then (brace yourself) you sandwich it between two halves of a grilled Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnut. This burger is so unhealthy, that if you asked me years ago before I even knew who Dr. Fuhrman was, I still wouldn't have eaten one.
Now I thought this was it. Surely no human mind could fathom more indulgent foods capable of topping a doughnut-burger! Not so. Meet Charlie Boghosian, preeminent fried-food innovator of Los Angeles County Fair and his cadre of deep-fried nightmares. David Pierson of The Los Angeles Times reports:
Boghosian sees himself as not just a fried-food salesman, but as a fried-food innovator. He recently saw possibilities in churros, the already deep-fried sugary treat. He bought one at a nearby stand and took it to his trailer, where he cut it into four pieces. He mixed the pieces in wet pancake batter and dunked them into a frying vat filled with 370-degree soybean oil.

After two minutes, the churros were crisp, golden pillows. Boghosian scooped them onto a wax paper tray and doused them in chocolate syrup, powdered sugar and rainbow sprinkles.
Oh it doesn’t stop there. There are plenty more refried-fried creations:
Visiting a fair in Miami, he noticed a vendor making deep-fried Twinkies.

"He was using wet batter," Boghosian said. "It absorbed too much liquid. I wanted to try myself. So I used an egg wash, then dry pancake mix. I made a real thin crust."

The result?

"The cream!" said Shaun Halladay, a customer trying his first deep-fried Twinkie at Boghosian's stand last week. "It turns into liquid, clear lava. It's all locked in there."

The first year Boghosian offered them, he sold 35,000 at the Orange County, Fresno County and L.A. County fairs.
Boghosian has deep-fried bananas, avocadoes, strawberries, chicken sandwiches,  and so much more. I think what Dr. Fuhrman had to say about baseball’s worst burger certainly can be applied to this report:
Food is addicting in proportion to its unhealthiness. Until people learn about toxic hunger and food addiction they won't understand how our ability to think rationally about what we eat is clouded by addiction, and the drive of the addicted individual to avoid the discomfort and anxiety that change provokes.
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