Disease Proof

Vroom-Vroom French Fries

America’s had some great inventors, like George Washington Carver, Thomas Edison, and Benjamin Franklin, and they are no doubt spinning in their graves. Via Jalopnik:

If the world needed any more proof that Americans are some fattie mcfatties, we present the French-Fry Holder. This $10 device fits in cup holders and holds a standard cardboard container of french fries. It even has a small holder for ketchup, for those fattersons that need to add a little more flavor (and sodium) to their deep-fried potato sticks. A no-slip grip secures the device in any cup-holder to prevent any wasted fries. Weren't French fries designed to be the perfect food while driving? Sure, we're all about driving safety, which this device addresses, but we wonder if the morbid-nature of this product outweighs its positives.
What makes this doubly amusing is my brother, Joey “Ketchup Boy” Pugliese, sent this over—seriously, the guy dips turkey burgers into puddles of ketchup.
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Ketchup Boy - April 30, 2008 4:09 PM

Without doing that I never seem to get enough lycopene, the amazing antioxidant found in tomatoes ... thats what the back of the Heinz bottle tells me anyway.

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