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Trans Fat Free Brings New Problems

Who would have thought? Franken-snacks might be problematic. New research has determined that replacing unhealthy trans fats by modifying fat in commercial products can raise blood glucose and depress insulin in humans. The Diabetes Blog is on it:
The study demonstrates the process of rearranging molecules in the fat adversely affect human metabolism of fats and glucose. The metabolism of unmodified natural saturated fat is healthier, in comparison. The trans fats are replaced with interesterified fat, which is a modified fat that includes hydrogenation followed by rearrangement of fat molecules by the process called interesterification. The rearranged fats are then enriched with saturated stearic acid. Experts on human lipid metabolism noted this study shows the specific location of individual fatty acids, particularly saturated fatty acids, seems to make a difference on fat and glucose metabolism.
Maybe it’d just be easier to avoid most commercial products altogether.
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Louise - January 21, 2007 11:35 PM

It's not trans fat per se, right? Even vegetables have trans fat. Trans fat is a misnomer.

It's partially hydrogenated fat! That is the culprit.

So, right, stay away from partially hydrogenated fat.

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