The Tainted Hogs

Sounds like a cool name for a rock band, right? Well, its not. Apparently the U.S. has quarantined 6,000 hogs that were fed some of the infamous tainted pet food. It gets worse. Some of the slaughtered meat has already entered the food supply. Steven Reinberg of HealthDay News reports:
Some 6,000 hogs have been quarantined across eight U.S. states because they may have eaten contaminated salvage pet food, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced late Thursday.

At the same time, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) officials said that meat from 345 hogs that ate tainted feed has already entered the U.S. food supply, the Associated Press reported.

The quarantined hogs are on farms in California, New York, South Carolina, North Carolina, Utah, Kansas, Oklahoma and Ohio, the AP said. And the USDA reported that swine from slaughterhouses in Kansas and Utah may have entered the food supply. Government officials, however, consider the threat to human health to be very low.

The swine are thought to have been exposed to food contaminated by two chemicals, melamine and cyanuric acid, that was sent as salvage by companies who have had to recall massive quantities of dog and cat food as the pet food recall rolls on.
Now, I’m sure no one reading this post eats pork, but, even still. This is a problem that our food supply just doesn’t need. The contamination of food is always a relevant issue. Here are a few posts to remind you:
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L Louise - April 27, 2007 10:55 AM

Yesterday, I saw this silly industry defender, explaining how the cow-contaminated culprits got into the food supply: "It was probably some wild hog that got into the cows' area, and walking through, contaminated the soil." (Something to that effect) Oh, yea! Right, right. It was those wacky wild hogs!

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