The NYC Calorie War Continues

Back in September we learned that a judge stopped the effort to get calorie-content on fast food restaurant menus in NYC. The AFP reported:
"This decision highlights some of the flaws in the New York City Board of Health's regulation," Peter Kilgore, acting head of the National Restaurant Association said in a statement after the ruling.

The rules, which would have applied only to restaurants that already disclosed calorie data, "would have attempted to punish the very restaurants that are already providing accurate and comprehensive nutrition information."
Never say die. According to the Associated Press city health officials are gearing up to give it another try. David B. Caruso reports:
City health officials announced Wednesday that they hope to revive their stalled plan to force fast-food chains to add calorie counts to the big menu boards that hang above their counters.

The city's original effort to put calories on menus was struck down by a judge in September, but Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden said the regulation has been reworked and is ready for a second try.

"People deserve to have more information when they are ordering food," he said.
Honestly, while it’s a noble effort, will it really make a difference?
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gnargtharst - November 23, 2007 1:19 AM

Do not count me among those who believe this is a "noble effort". Noble, in my book , does not include using the coercive power of government to force people to act contrary to their own chosen free association and terms of association. I'm a big fan of Dr. Fuhrman's healthy lifestyle information, but please, keep government's guns pointed at violent criminals, not businesses offering peaceful food choices.

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