The Hard Truth about Milk

I’ve never been much of a milk drinker. Growing up it used to make me sick. And now, I don’t touch the stuff. Call me a jerk if you want to, but when I see an adult sucking down a glass of milk, I honestly assume they’re a little touched in the head. After all, you’ve got to be crazy to drink poison, right?

Milk is poison? Well, that’s what author Robert Cohen contends in this Hard Copy report from 1998. Check it out, I found it on YouTube. It’s very daunting, so brace yourself:

Cohen is definitely going for the scare-factor, but, for good reason. Milk is bad news, but the countless knuckle-heads in this country refuse to believe it. Why? Probably just another shining example of our society’s emotional attachments to food. “Give up milk and cookies? No way!” Personally, a food-crush is not enough to keep me from ignoring the facts.

As Dr. Fuhrman points out in Disease-Proof Your Child, milk is not for humans—surprise-surprise—it’s for cows, but the dairy industry has done a nice job of tricking us to believe that milk is an integral part of the human diet—phooey!

Dr. Fuhrman will tell you, milk is good for something—promoting disease! In Milk: Does It Do A Body Good he points out that heart disease, ovarian cancer, and Parkinson’s are all afflictions caused by dairy consumption. The heart disease causation is particularly interesting:
Heart disease
A related recent finding is that deaths from heart disease also are strongly associated with milk drinking in adulthood. Of particular interest is that (as is the case with Parkinson’s) the association is with the non-fat portion of milk. Non-fat and skim milk consumption shows the same association as that of whole milk. Researchers found that heart disease death is strongly associated with circulating antibodies against milk. These antibodies are found to bind to human lymphocytes and platelets, thus increasing the likelihood of clot formation. The researchers also concluded that the non-fat aspects of milk have atherogenic effects (plaque-building) both biochemical and immunological, and the simultaneous attack from all these directions explains why milk was found to have such a strong effect on death rate.1
1. Moss M, Freed D. The cow and the coronary: epidemiology, biochemistry and immunology. Int J Cardiol 2003;87(2-3):203-216.
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Melissa Serrano - April 10, 2007 2:04 PM

I wish that all parents could read and view this video clip. They are giving cow's milk to their children, and even forcing them to drink it because it helps them "grow healthfully". I feed my son soy milk, and want him to try now nut milks. I, as a parent, am unable to give my son any dairy because I did a lot research way before he was born to make sure I feed him the right nutrition; even if my family doesn't agree. If I tell people in my family that milk is bad for the children, they would laugh nonstop, I present them the information, but they still believe what the food pyramid/media/doctors tell them. I would like to warn everybody I know but over 90% will ignore this.

Dan - December 31, 2009 3:13 PM

I do not usually comment on stuff, but Mrs. Serrano, you might want to seriously reconsider the soy milk thing for your son. Soy milk is quite possibly one of the worst foods you can feed a boy. It will screw up his hormones, reduce (if not completely negate) his chances of ever having kids, and could lead to him being "blessed" with breasts. You have probably heard this before, so your counter would be some arguments from a pro-soy/vegetarian/vegan website that claim the anti-soy studies are wrong. However, I have actually researched this a bit; all those "studies" claiming soy is safe have been funded by the soy industry. The simple fact is that the researchers who find soy has detrimental effects on humans (especially males) have nothing to gain by making things up about it. However, the soy industry has a lot to lose if they don't counter the claims with some of their own. Here is a very brief summary of some of the effects of soy milk on children (with quite a few references, so you can see who did all the studies):

Mrs. Baeza - July 11, 2010 1:54 AM

Well, Milk can really be the worst option. I am taking soy milk since 4 years ago and my digestive system is better, my metabolism is faster and I don´t feel heavy after taking a delicious soya latte . I stopped taking milk since another doctor in Mexico talked to me about the hormones in it and the relation it had to my overweight, she was right. I stopped it and my body now, I can say has been detoxing from dairy and meat from that day, I feel great and so energetic.
Soy milk doesn´t have to be the only option, there is also oat milk, nuts milk, and the calcium sources are in other veggies (check if the source where you get all this info about soy isn´t sponsored by milk industry it´s very common to find articles that want to make you doubt of other healthier choices,so you can go back to milk).
Still milk is dangerous for kids and adults. It obstructs and builds a layer in your intestine which avoids you to absorb nutrients, how bad is that? It´s not only hormonal problems you get, it obstructs your dairy intake of nutrients. I read about this in a lot of books, sustained by doctors and scientists.
I have stopped eating animal's flesh and products and I have never been an felt better.
People must be informed the the pyramid well known world wide is the worst you can follow (USDA) to keep your body healthy.
I still have no family but if I have kids I will NEVER Feed them with milk. In nature we human beings are the only mammal that still drinks milk all life, when no other mammal in nature drink milk after the breastfeeding period.
All is marketing and industry profit. I wish more people can inform themselves better in terms of health and stop beleiving in what all industries and govt say... I love Soy milk and has helped me to be healthier than cow´s milk that hurt my body for the las 25 years!
Now finally im getting to m

y desired weight... I am so happy!
Hope more people wake up! Inform yourselves and educate yourselves by choice!

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