Tainted Tomatoes, 700 Victims

Wow, I thought 500 people was a big deal, but according to a new report, the salmonella tomatoes have sickened more than 700 people. From NewsInferno:
According to the CDC, 707 cases of Salmonella St. Paul have been reported in the US between mid-April and June 13, 2008. Texas has had been the hardest hit state, with 293 illnesses reported. Other states affected by the outbreak include Arkansas (7 persons), Arizona (36), California (10), Colorado (5), Connecticut (4), Florida (1), Georgia (15), Idaho (3), Illinois (63), Indiana (11), Kansas (11), Kentucky (1), Maryland (25), Massachusetts (17), Michigan (4), Missouri (12), New Hampshire (1), Nevada (4), New Jersey (4), New Mexico (80), New York (18), North Carolina (5), Ohio (3), Oklahoma (17), Oregon (5), Pennsylvania (6), Rhode Island (3), Tennessee (6), Utah (2), Virginia (22), Vermont (1), Washington (5), Wisconsin (6), and the District of Columbia (1).

At least 76 people have been hospitalized, and the CDC says that Salmonella may have also contributed to the death of a Texas cancer patient.

Salmonella is a potentially deadly type of food poisoning, symptoms of which include fever, abdominal pain, nausea, gas and bloody diarrhea. Symptoms appear within 36 hours of exposure, and usually last four to seven days. In very severe cases, Salmonella can lead to kidney failure and other complications. Salmonella can be particularly dangerous for children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems. Some victims of Salmonella will develop a disease called Reiter’s Syndrome, a difficult- to- treat condition that causes severe joint pain, irritation of the eyes, and painful urination. Reiter’s Syndrome can plague its victims for months or years, and can lead to chronic arthritis.
I’m getting tired of talking about it, but 700 people! Scary.
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Lolabloom - June 27, 2008 10:19 PM

I had Salmonella a few years ago and it was brutal!! The most painful thing ever, I seriously thought I was dying.

Never did find out what exact food triggered it in my case but this tomato thing is really crazy.

It's normally something attributed to eggs and chicken and other meats... so this was some serious contamination that you would think would be quite rare in the veggie world.., I'm sticking to my theory that this tomato farm was nearby a factory farm/feedlot and the water supply tainted by dirty runoff.

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