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Rodents Love Junk Food

This does not speak well for our population. Apparently, mice love high-calorie sugary foods. Mind you, these mice lack the ability to taste. Randy Dotinga of HealthDay News reports:
Fattening foods taste good, but a new study suggests you might also like them because you subconsciously realize they're full of calories.

Scientists report that mice without a sense of taste still developed a preference for sugar water compared to ordinary water. The finding suggests the mice had a way of sensing that the sugar water had calories -- energy for their bodies -- and the other water didn't.

Humans, of course, could be different.

Still, it indicates that "taste isn't the only reason we like high-calorie foods," said study author Ivan E. de Araujo. "Even in the complete absence of taste, it's possible to develop a preference for high-calorie foods."

De Araujo, an assistant fellow at The John B. Pierce Laboratory at Yale University in New Haven, Conn., and his colleagues at Duke University reported their findings in the March 27 issue of Neuron. De Araujo was at Duke when the research was conducted.
“Humans, of course, could be different.” That’s an interesting line. Not sure I agree. Consider this video from Dr. Fuhrman’s friend Jeff Novick, MS, RD. Take a look:

Notice how food producers added sugar and salt to make “fat-free” food more appealing. Maybe we are mice—blind mice—because despite the facts, most Americans continue to eat bad food. From Dr. Fuhrman:
Many of the animal products consumed, such as cheese and red meat, are exceptionally high in saturated fat. High saturated fat intake increases the risk of certain cancers and promotes high cholesterol, leading to heart disease. To add insult to injury, many of the processed foods we eat are high in trans fat, a man-made fat that is linked to cancer and heart disease…

…Since more than 40 percent of the calories in the American diet are derived from sugar or refined grains, both of which are nutrient-depleted, Americans are severely malnourished. Refined sugars cause us to be malnourished in direct proportion to how much we consume them. They are partially to blame for the high cancer and heart attack rates we see in America.
Millions of people just gorging themselves on garbage—aren’t lemmings a rodent?
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Llouise - March 27, 2008 11:03 AM

Hmm...perhaps Nature gave them a keener sense of smell? I've had companion dogs that could smell foods, fellow beings, and almost anything else a mile away!

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