Pittsburgh Loves Ho Hos

People of Pittsburgh, stand up and be proud. Your city leads the nation in per capita consumption of Ho Hos. What’s a Ho Ho? Just a sugary processed chocolate snack cake, clearly, loaded with phytonutrients—hardly. Dan Majors of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has more:
According to Hostess' data, the company produces 100 million Ho Hos a year. Pittsburghers pound 1.51 Ho Hos per person per day.

The only cities that come close are Buffalo/Rochester (1.39), Cincinnati (1.37), and Cleveland (1.15).

The announcement came as no surprise to Leslie Bonci, director of sports nutrition at UPMC at the Center for Sports Medicine on the South Side.

"I guess we just really like our snack stuff here because it's tasty, it's easy to get, and they can be fairly economical, especially if you buy them in bulk," Ms. Bonci said. "We like that taste, and our lifestyle is grab-gulp-go. The Ho Ho just fits right in with that."
Sadly, our dangerous love affair with rotten food is all too common. Just get a load of these previous posts:
With food obsessions like this, its no surprise Dr. Fuhrman makes this comment about people’s unwillingness to eat healthy and how many will shun the dietary recommendations in Eat to Live. From Eat to Live:
The “good life” will continue to bring most Americans to a premature grave. The Eat to Live plan is not for everyone. I do not expect the majority of individuals to live this healthfully. However, they should at least make that decision being aware of the facts rather than having their food choices shaped by inaccurate information or the food manufacturers. Some people will choose to smoke cigarettes, eat unhealthfully, or pursue other reckless habits. They have that inalienable right to live their lives the way they choose.
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