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Pepsi in the Raw?

Soft drinks are bad—I know, duh—between the corn syrup and caffeine, what’s good about them! But what about an all “natural” soda? Times Online introduces Pepsi Raw:
Pepsi Raw, which will initially only be launched in the UK, is the first drink the multi-national cola brand has added to its range in more than ten years.

Pepsi claims the new drink is made from natural ingredients and contains no artificial preservatives, colours, flavourings or sweeteners and that by replacing corn syrup with cane sugar, it has managed to reduce the calorie content of a 300ml bottle from around 120 calories to around 90 calories.

The drink apple extract, plain caramel colouring, coffee leaf, tantaric acid from grapes, gum arabic from acacia trees, cane sugar and sparkling water. It is paler in colour and less fizzy than other cola brands.
Be sure to check out the taste challenge. Here it is:

Lest anyone think cane sugar is an upgrade. Most soymilks and nut milks are sweetened with it. Put it to you this way, if you check the fridge in Dr. Fuhrman’s office, you’ll only find “unsweetened” soymilk. Actually, take a look at this:

That’s my refrigerator right now and as you can see there’s no cane juice in there.
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Sara - February 14, 2008 1:27 PM

Is that brand of sesame tahini raw? Or it is not that important for that particular product? I had been wondering when I saw it in the store, but have always gone with the raw Maranatha brand because I wasn't sure.

Gerry Pugliese - February 14, 2008 1:38 PM

Hey Sara-

I don't think it's raw, but honestly, I don't use tahini all that often.

I only use it when I'm making some sort of oat bread--as a binder.


Sara - February 17, 2008 9:54 PM

Fair enough. Interesting, I never knew you could use it that way. Alright, thanks for the info.

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