Disease Proof

Pasta is Not Health Food!

Adapted from Dr. Fuhrman’s book Fasting and Eating for Health:

The standard American diet is centered around animal foods and processed wheat products, neither of which are ideal foods. Even worse, the typical modern eater consumes a tremendous amount of extracted vegetable oil. Many Americans add high-fat dressings or sauces to almost everything they consume that is not a high-fat food to start with. Yet those familiar with the scientific research on fats, including extracting plant fats such as olive oil and soy oil, know that fats increase our risk of cancer.1 Vegetable fats are processed foods that interfere with the normal of our immune system2,3 and that contribute to obesity and chronic disease.

When individuals change from an animal-food-based diet to a vegetarian diet, but then eat mostly processed foods such as low-fat pizza, tofu dogs and other health food store concoctions, refined cereals and grains, pasta, and bread as the primary source of their calories, the diet is still inadequate.

Grains, when consumed in their refined state, are comparatively poor sources of vitamins, especially antioxidants. They are also nearly devoid of essential fatty acids. The opposite can be said of green vegetables. Green vegetables and especially the leafy greens are rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids, as well as thousands of other important nutrients that research scientists are beginning to identify as being essential for optimal health. These plant-based substances, called phytochemicals, support our immune system and protect us from cancer.

1. Carroll KK. Experimental evidence of dietary factors and hormone-dependent cancers. Cancer Research 1975;37:3374-83.

2. Berg J. can nutrition explain the pattern of international epidemiology of hormone-dependent cancer? Cancer research 1975; 35:3345.

3. Barone J, Herbert JR, Reddy MM. dietary fat and natural-killer-cell activity. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1989;50:861-67.
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Meredith - June 15, 2007 3:38 PM

When I read Eat to live, I notice the theme that we have all the protein we need in plant foods, although some animal foods are allowed in minimal quantities. However, this claim that plant foods alone provide enough daily protein seems to have been well refuted in recent years by science; and even in 2004 or 5, Nutrition for Dummies cited some of this research, as has the more recent Nourishing Traditions by the Weston Price Foundation and authors Sally Fallon and Mary Enig, famous lipid researcher in the USA who made us all aware of trans fats. The scientific consensus is that while a healthy vegetarian die can indeed improve some conditions, humans were designed to eat meat (although not in excess) or animal products. I understand that your diet is a theraputic one and that some animal foods are allowed on it. However, reserach is also showing that not every diet fits everyone and some people do need to eat red meat, etc. and are chiefly meat eaters. I would like to know, therefore, if we may have some of this science stated in an updated version of Eat to Live some day because some of us value honesty and accuracy. Then I want ot know if a maintenance plan can be added which allows those who would benefit form more meats, etc. to return more safely to these with portions greater than in the book but not in excess as before, cooked without added salt, etc. ? Or what do ou suggest? think? thanks.

Kyle Key - June 15, 2007 10:39 PM

Gerry, why do you even approve those garbage comments that Fuhrman has repeatedly and politely responded to both in the book and on this blog.

I mean, really, this lady is audacious enough to cite the "Weston Price Foundation" and "honesty and accuracy" in the same paragraph. Now one of their flunkies is on here spreading dietary misinformation from the 1930s, and she has a platform since her comment was approved.

Slavic - June 16, 2007 5:12 PM

First of all I would like to make a comment to Kyle. Kyle, this is an open forum and Meredith was completely sincere and respectful with everything that she wrote unlike you who is trying to make her out to be part of some conspiracy. Get real man! Remember to keep an open mind. E2L may work wonders for some but for others can cause harm. The same thing can be said of the Weston A. Price diet.

My next comment is to Meredith. I think every single point you make is a valid one. I myself have had problems with a strict vegan diet and I wonder why vegan and vegetarian diets can vary in there effectiveness from person to person. I believe more research needs to be done on the subject but if any is available it would be great to have it here as well. And I very much agree that Eat to Live should have a section discussing why some people just don't or can't thrive on vegan/vegetarian diets.

And finally to Gerry. It would be really sad if you had to screen the comments made by the public. Let's not forget that these people may have something extremely important to say that others might not be aware of and the sharing of knowledge and experiences benefit everyone. Their personal experiences with their diet (whatever that may be) is very valuable to everyone who visits this website.

Monty - June 18, 2007 3:06 PM

In response to Slavic, it is necessary to screen comments, otherwise it could be flooded out by advertisers and public-relations agents using it to spread disinformation. Not everybody knows what Weston-Price is all about, and have to be informed by other commenters.

Sutter Miner - January 6, 2010 10:15 PM

Pasta is good no matter what ANYONE says abot it!!!!

what what - April 21, 2012 12:51 PM

'humans are designed to eat meat'

maybe, but humans have always been absolutely repulsed by raw fresh meat, organs, skin, bones, eyeballs, brains etc. whereas carnivorous animals that eat meat actually have a taste for these things and eat all of theses things as part of their diet. cooking and eating just the meat alone completely changes the nutritional profile

and if humans are 'designed' to eat anything, it would be what we have been eating since the beginning of our 2 million year stay on the planet (we have only been out of africa and into colder climates for 150,000 of that time), it would be what we ate for the bulk of those 2 million years while we were evolving and living in tropical rain forests, and that is mostly fruit, with some nuts, seeds, foliage, and maybe the rare small animal or insect

our dna is 99% identical to monkeys, which eat a diet much like the diet we had been eating for nearly 2 million years. we developed the ability to digest starches as we moved out of the tropical forests, which they cannot. oddly enough, one of the most ideal fruits for humans to eat in abundance is bananas

also recognize that humans are not crated with the abilities to catch animals without the aid of some sort of weapon or trap. no human can catch an animal with just his or her own two hands or ever could.

and again. freshly killed raw blood, guts, bones, brains, muscle tissue anyone? no? but i thought we were 'designed' to eat meat? lol

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