Disease Proof

Our Food: What Will Anthropologists Say?

Mark Di Ionno of The San Francisco Chronicle wants to know, when we’re all dead and buried, and anthologists start digging up our bones—what will they think? Why did we eat so much junk? Is that what killed us? Or were we marketed to death? Here’s the report:
So what will future anthropologists say about us? What conclusions will they draw from the super-sized coffins and the skeletal remains with missing toes, amputated by diabetes?

What will they derive from cemeteries that reveal a sudden downturn in American life expectancy when our junk food generations begin dying of heart disease and arteriosclerosis in middle age?

Or from the ruins of all the red and yellow plastic roof restaurants sunken by global flooding, or buried under nuclear dust, or volcanic ash or whatever else does us in?

What poisons will show themselves in their chemical analysis of our bones?

We already know the answers. Trans fats. Refined sugars and carbohydrates. Sodium.

This is why the $500 million initiative recently announced by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to combat child obesity is so important. It's putting their money where our mouths are.
So, will museums of the future have to add a fat dude holding a bag of fast-food and a prescription for statins at the end of the exhibit depicting man evolving from ape-kind to humankind?
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