Not Many Junk Food Commercials Banned

In 2007, countries like Canada and the U.K. banned junk food commercials during kids’ television. It seemed like a good idea, but now a new study in the journal Archives of Disease in Childhood reveals many commercials aren’t actually getting the ban. Researchers analyzed 2,315 adverts from Canada and 1,365 from the U.K., 52% to 61% were for unhealthy food, with 5% to 11% likely to be seen by children, but only 5% of the ads would be prohibited under the ban; via EurekAlert!

Even 5% can’t hurt, because previous research has shown most commercials during kids’ programming are for junk food, with American children being exposed to food of poor nutritional quality, like Honey Smacks cereal, which have as much sugar as a glazed doughnut.

In related news, a recent study found advertisements for unhealthy snack foods, like chocolate bars and ice cream, often appear right next to health articles in health magazines!

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Steve - May 31, 2009 8:02 AM

Hi Gerry
In Canada many TV stations have exercise and health shows on, some channels are entirely geared to this type of programming. I have noticed the weight loss and personal trainer type shows often have ads for junk snacks and even out and out junk food like the Wendy's Baconator.

I guess the lesson is that these channels (even Discovery Health) really are not 'on your side', so switch 'em off and get some actual exercise instead of watching other people exercise in between ads for garbage food.

Cheers, Steve

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