No Calorie-Counts in NYC

Chalk one up for the junk-fooders of NYC. A regulation that would require New York fast food restaurants to display how many calories their meals contain has been shot down in flame-broiled flames. More from the AFP:
In a ruling Tuesday in Manhattan District Court, Judge Richard Holwell prevented the city from imposing the new regulations, ruling that federal law already provided for much of what the New York law sought to impose.

"This decision highlights some of the flaws in the New York City Board of Health's regulation," Peter Kilgore, acting head of the National Restaurant Association said in a statement after the ruling.

The rules, which would have applied only to restaurants that already disclosed calorie data, "would have attempted to punish the very restaurants that are already providing accurate and comprehensive nutrition information."
And we wonder why we are fat—and getting fatter! Sigh.
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