Less Worry about Mad-Cow?

This makes me glad I don’t eat beef. Remember a few years back. Before SARS and Avian Flu were all the rage. Mad-Cow Disease was the top dog. It was in more headlines than the Anna Nicole Smith saga. Well I guess the nation isn’t worried about it anymore. The Seattle Times reports that U.S. mad-cow testing laboratories are closing their doors. Sandi Doughton explains:
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently scaled back mad-cow testing by more than 90 percent, leading to closure of the WSU lab and several others around the country. The agency has backed off plans for a mandatory animal-tracking system, which can help identify the source of an infection and other animals at risk, and now says the program will be voluntary.

Several of the unappetizing — and risky — practices that came to light in the wake of the initial mad-cow case are still allowed, including the use of cow blood as a food supplement for calves.

And even the prohibition on slaughtering sickly cows, called downers, for human consumption has not been made permanent, though it is being enforced.
I hardly think I’m alone on this, but I worry about this stuff. Now even though I don’t eat beef, I don’t want some dangerous epidemic running amuck in our food supply. Why are we not concerned about this anymore? Oh that’s right. The new season of American Idol is on.
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