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KFC: Trans-Fat Flies the Coop -- UPDATE

Like McDonald’s and Burger King before them, its now being reported that Kentucky Fried Chicken will no longer use cooking oils that contains trans-fat. Great news, but, the food is still garbage. More from Bruce Schreiner of the Associated Press:
The Louisville-based chain announced Monday that all 5,500 of its U.S. restaurants have stopped frying chicken in artery-clogging trans fat. The company had said in October that it was switching to a new soybean oil believed to be less likely to cause heart disease.

"This idea is a positive one for consumers, and we do expect it's going to really appeal to people and bring them into our stores," said James O'Reilly, KFC's chief marketing officer.

Sister brand Taco Bell also said Monday that its U.S. restaurants have completely switched to an oil with zero grams of trans fat. All 4,200 single-brand Taco Bells were converted to a canola oil, and all 1,400 multibrand locations switched to a soybean oil, the fast food chain said.

There are 23 Taco Bell items that contain no trans fat, including the chicken and beef crunchy taco, grilled steak soft taco, chicken and steak Gordita Supreme, and the chicken and steak Chalupa Supreme. Taco Bell said it's working to remove all trans fat from all its ingredients.
I don’t know about the folks over at KFC, remember, these are the same people that wanted the Pope to bless their new fish sandwich. Coo-Coo-Coo-Coo!

UPDATE: Well just look at what came in the mail today:

Trans-fat or not, I'm still not eating it:

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Heidi - April 30, 2007 8:03 PM

Okay...so when are they going to ban saturated fat?
That would mean cheese, butter, sour cream, meat, hmm.... if the rationale behind the ban was based on health and not marketing, saturated fat would have to go too.

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